Katlain Ryan

Katlain Ryan

Katlain Ryan isn’t quite a blond bombshell. She’s what a friend of mine would call eminently fuckable. She won’t be gracing the cover French Vogue this season or next, but I’d do practically anything to have a girl like her next to me in bed.

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Rena and Risi on B4TM

Rena and Risi

Trashy Lesbian. MMMmmmmmmmm, delicious. Thank you B4TM.

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Classic Aria Giovanni

Aria Giovanni

It’s time for another Digital Desire classic post. I assisted on a shoot with aria about 6 months ago (not this one). She was probably the coolest girl we’ve ever shot. Genuinely down to heart, sweet, and helpful. She even helped us clean up after lunch that day! That’s something that I’ve never seen another model do.

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Vogue Paris

This is an amazing photo set from Vogue Paris. Not the usual adult fare we peddle around here, but a beautiful girl, in a beautiful set. Well worth the look.

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Classic Kyla Cole

Kyla Cole

Kyla Cole is, for lack of a better word, classic. We’ve shot more Kyla here at Digital Desire than anyone else. In fact, she’s got her own section on our site. Her, and Veronica Zemanova are my all time favorites here at Digital Desire.

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Silvia Saint

Silvia Saint

Silvia Saint is a favorite here at the office. She hasn’t been in much lately, but her glory days are still going on as far I’m concerned. I’ve also got to tip my hat to Stephen for doing such a great job on this set. The bright exposure and contrast between the black of her dress and her near platinum hair is fantastic.

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Lucy on Digital Desire


This is one of the older sets on our site. Lucy’s still searingly hot however. That pantyhose and pulled back hair are sure indicators that this girl in this shit for real.

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Mai Ly


I just happened to be on set the day we shot Mai Ly. She was a remarkable girl in that
she projected a sense of honesty and the authentic. Gaze into those ginormous peepers of hers
and you’re bound to see a bit of your scared inner child reflected back.

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Avery Adams on Digital Desire

Avery Adams

Avery Adams has these lips. They aren’t ridiculously overboard Angelena Jolie style balloons, they’re just nice,
plus, and pillowy. MMmmmmmm…..

Drooling aside, we’ve got tons of pics of Avery on the site, so swing on by if you have the time.

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This is What I’m Talkin’ About

This is what I’m talkin’ about. Look at those glasses! The subtle, soft natural light streaming in, and the down-home beautiful looks of this girl are just perfect. It’s like looking at a hazy, nostalgic memory. This set on Artinude has got to be one of the best sets I’ve seen ANYWHERE, in a long while.

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