Girls Falling Out Of Our Pockets
We got girls falling out of our pockets here at the Hicks Ranch. It’s definitely not a bad thing and we’re certainly taking advantage of this. We’ve had steady production this month and the girl that stands out in my mind is Andie Valentino.

Andie hails from the East coast. She’s young, she’s beautiful, and she’s voluptuous! Her body is built like a Hotrod with all the bells (34D bust) and whistles (stands 5’3”, weighs 105 lbs) she’s extremely smart and check out the list of musical instruments she plays: piano, violin, guitar, drums, viola and trumpet. Holy crap this girl has brains as well as beauty! Andie wore nothing but a big smile throughout the whole day of shooting. I could easily tell she was having a great time, she was feeling comfortable around the guys and her overall attitude was very positive. Combine these elements together and you get a very productive shoot day as well as coming away with epic photos of a hot ass girl!

Members stay tuned for Sasha Grey in our “Just19” section and we have Katlain Ryan showing us her goods in our “Dream Session” and we have more Shay Laren in our “HD Dreams” section, could there ever be too much Shay?

For now I leave you all with behind the scenes with Andie Valentino. Enjoy!

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