Beautiful Nude Beach Photographs
As Mark mentioned we took our newest model (Sophia) to the beach on Thursday to try and capture some seaside magic.

I hadn’t shot on the beach in quite some time. One of our last shoots we did on the beach ended abruptly as a State Park Ranger rambled down the hill above us, threatened to seize our film and equipment and warned us to never return. The really scary part was our model was in a swimsuit at the time.

Well, schools back in and summer hasn’t left our coast yet so Mark and I were convinced we needed to photograph Sophia by the sea. Her body is just so naturally amazing we couldn’t resist.

Then, all hell broke loose. When we got down there, there were no less than 10 people on our very private little shoot beach, we’d left the color temp meter behind, the sun was fleeting and our model was freaking.

So, fighting through much commotion and aggravation we came up with a few special images. It seemed like a whole lotta work at the time but getting Sophia’s sublime body in that setting was worth it.

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