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Katie Fey on B4TM

Katie Fey on B4TM

It’s been a while since we’ve spoken of our friends over at B4TM but they’ve been busy beavers, posting truly high quality sets, like this set of Katie Fey. I admit that I’m a sucker for brunettes, but it’s really Katie’s eyes that make her special (or the flawless body, did I mention the flawless body?). She’s got this exotic piercing stare, like a wild animal.

Katie Fey on B4TM

Erin Wasson - Holy Fuck!

Normally I don’t link to this kind of stuff, but seriously holy fuck, whoever this Erin Wasson girl is, she’s ridiculously hot. If you like waifish model types as I do that is.

Unfortunately the rest of Esquire’s Women we Love list is pathetically conventional. They have no imagination with choices like Brittney Spears and Angelina Jolie. Any hottest hotties of all hottiedom list that neglects Keyra is dead to me.

View Erin Wasson at Esquire

Lux (Kassidy) and Deluxe

Lux Kassidy on Digital Desire

Sorry for the hiatus folks, but I got deluged with stuff this weekend and couldn’t post. I’m sorry guys, I’ve let ya down. I do however, have a present for you guys, Lux Kassidy. Blonde bombshells are a dime a dozen at first glance, but Lux deserves more than just a glance. First off, her face just has some odd quality to it, it has a lot of character ya know? Anyway, sorry for the babbling I’ll get back to work posting more hot girls for you guys, I’ll make it up later this week I swear. We just may be releasing some free HD Video samples. Adios amigos!

View the Full Lux Kassidy Digital Desire Set

Pornstar Prom Date

What if your girlfriend was a porn star? Not, like, she was in a few pornos a long time ago, and now she’s your girlfriend. What if she was one of the most famous porn stars in the world? And what if she was such an extreme porn star that she was like a barometer for all porn stars, the porn star by which other porn stars measured their own porn star cache? And what if that was because in one single day, not long before you met her, your girlfriend had sex with over 500 men for the sake of pornography? And what if–and take the time to really think here–what if this porn star was your girlfriend—and you were eighteen years old? Could you handle it? Could you dig it? I mean, would you want to take her to the prom?

Read the rest of this amazing story at The Reverse Cowgirl. It’s quite fascinating I must say.

Kind Girls Mix 2

Kind Girls Digital Desire Mix 2

Kind Girls has made yet another amazing Digital Desire mix on their site. He’s got a couple of my favorite sets in there, like the one featured above. Well worth checking out.

View the Kind Girls Digital Desire Mix

Sexy Vintage Lingerie

Violet Blue brings us this link to some very sexy vintage lingerie by N De Sadim (warning this has music). There’s some really hot photos of some dolled up models posing after the jump. If you’re into this stuff, Vintage Lovelies is also worth checking out for some authentic, old (as in shot a long time ago) nude, pin-up, and pornographic content.

N De Sadim Collection
Vintage Lovelies Erotica
Violet Blue’s Weblog

Jelena Jensen

Jelena Jensen

Jelena Jensen has an absolutely fabulous set of knockers one might say. They’re real too believe it or not. Seriously though, she’s been a favorite for a long time, and not just me either. I can’t count the number of times our graphic artist has put her face or her assets on promotional material. To say she’s well liked around here would be an understatement.

This set was shot over at our next door neighbors actually, they’ve got some rather unique architecture and art there, ideal for photography. J. Stephen Hicks himself had this to say about the set:

Jelena is a California girl through and through and we picked a perfect, sunny Malibu Hills summer day for this pictorial. Jelena loved being in the sun nude–she told us she often sun bathed nude on the top of her condo in Manhattan beach–no surprise as she had the most naturally beautiful auburn skin to compliment her buxom, voluptuous (all natural) figure.

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Catalina Cruz on Dayom

Dayom brings us Catalina Cruz nude and flaunting on this cream colored yellow couch. I’ll be honest, she’s good, but not great. A bit too angular for my taste in certain aspects, but still, what a sweet body. Well worth a look.

Catalina Cruz on Dayom

Pinups for Pups

Pinups for Pups sponsors events, and sells products for the benefit of the millions of homeless animals that are killed each year. Proceeds go 501c3 animal organizations. They’ve also got some cute pictures of Pinup models (of course) with some canine friends. Check it out, and buy a shirt or a calendar if you’ve got the cash. Thanks to Bad Girls Hotbox for the link.

Pinups for Pups: Pinup models helping homeless animals

Lindsay Lohan’s Hot

Cocaine or no cocaine, Crazed car chase or no crazed car chase, Lindsay Lohan’s still hot. In other news Clair Danes’ Nipple. Also, The Superficial is awesome. It’s a vapid entertainment oriented website, with an extra emphasis on the vapid. So classless it’s classy essentially.

Sexy Construction Worker

I don’t know why this construction worker is working with giant slabs of what appears to be chocolate chip ice cream, but I’m thankful to Dayom for pointing us her way. Why she doesn’t seem to actually get much work done, or why she’s so fucking hot. She does appear to drive my coworker wild with her tube socks (which she seems to slip into and out of). I can lose the socks, but the silver boots are as awesome as this girl is smokin.

View the full set on Boss Out

Babes & Sports

We’re big into Mountain Biking here at Digital Desire. I ride several times a week myself, and J Stephen Hicks himself rides tons, he actually got me into the sport. For all you mountain bikers out there, check out the boobies above, which I found on Flickr (link goes to mountain bike photos, sorry no girls there).

Paizley Adams & Andrea Michaels

This got me thinking about a great locker room set we have up on the site. This one stars Paizley Adams & Andrea Michaels. This was actually one of the first sets I ever color corrected, back when I was a fresh member of the team here. It’s a real treat, especially since this is an extra long set with 35 images I hope you enjoy.

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Kindgirls Digital Desire Mix

Kind Girls Digital Desire Mix

Over at Kind Girls there’s a great mix of Digital Desire content. They’ve done a great job of putting together some real highlights. Definitely worth checking out.

View the full Digital Desire Mix on Kind Girls.

Golden Shower Power

As weird as his request may be, it’s not completely uncommon to want your lover to pee on you.

Between the Sheets links us to a great sex advice column I’d never heard of before Dear Sugar.

Their advice on Golden Showers for instance is, well, golden.

Anna on B4TM

Anna on B4TM

Anna vaguely, very vaguely actually, reminds me of Catherine Zeta-Jones crossed with Veronica Zemanova. Maybe you don’t see the resemblance, maybe you do, but she does to me. Either way, her smile is both bewitching and enchanting. It sets my heart aflutter. Seriously. Well, maybe not my heart, but anyway, the set is worth checking out on B4TM

View Anna’s full set on B4TM.

Celeste Star on Digital Desire

Celeste Star is a real firecracker. Seriously, there’s nothing more powerful than her voice and her personality on a set. She’s a hyper ball of fun to work with, and trust me her video scenes are extremely intense.

She’s probably the snappiest, most extraverted girl I’ve seen here at Digital Desire. Check below the fold for more great shots of Celeste.

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Hippie My Ass

Artinude seems to think that a peace symbol and wearing somewhat loose clothing makes one a Hippie in this Nikki Nine Gallery. Of course, they do spell it Hyppie, and well, maybe she is a Hyppie, but she is definitely not a Hippie.

She is however, definitely hot. Definitely Hot.

Jordan on Digital Desire

If I could, I’d be completely ensconced in high thread count cotton. Screw velvet. If I were to be granted a second wish it’d probably to be completely ensconced in Jordan here as well.
We shot Jordan for the site a while ago, but damn, this set still has it going on in my opinion.
As always, there’s more below the fold.

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Girls in a Limo

Getting out on the weekends is great when you go with the right friends. The Lesbian Limo Ride is a great way to spend a weekend night. Just look at how much fun Abby’s girls are having in these pictures.

Jenna Nickol - Soft Charm

Jenna Nickol’s always had, to me, this incredible feeling of softness to her. Her features, her hair, everything. Maybe it’s just the look in her eye. This isn’t my favorite set of hers on Digital Desire but it is a great one. Check below the fold for the rest of this beautiful set.

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